EDMUS is no longer available for sale

What does this mean?

The "classical" EDMUS software has reached the end of its development

The software is currently in version 5.7.1: this will be the last version of EDMUS in its "classical" form.

The software will then be replaced by a new online platform (see below).

The software will remain available for download, in particular to allow users of versions 5.0 to 5.7 to upgrade it (for free) to version 5.7.1.

As of 2019-01-07, the software is no longer directly available for sale on the EDMUS web site. However, you will still be able to upgrade your license from EDMUS 4 or earlier version (125 €), or purchase a new EDMUS 5 license (200 €): please contact us if needed.

Technical support remains available: support@edmus.org.

The new EDMUS platform

The EDMUS software will soon be replaced by the "EDMUS Platform", a centralized online platform only accessible with a web browser. This new tool will at first only be available for members of the French Observatory of MS (OFSEP); it is envisaged that it may at a later date be made available as well for users outside France.