What is EDMUS?


EDMUS is a powerful, user-friendly database software that helps you manage the medical records of your patients with Multiple Sclerosis.


Store information

Store a wide variety of data (clinical, paraclinical, background, treatment) on your Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients - or only the subset of information you need.

EDMUS makes use of a standardized MS nomenclature, and enforces data consistency and automatic cross check of data.

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Use information

Display information in the language of your choice - EDMUS is a multilingual software program: English, French, German, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brasilian), Portuguese (European), Spanish, and soon Turkish.

Search the database using a large number of criteria.

Synthetize information by creating reports (synopsis) or graphs that you can view on-screen, print or save.

EDMUS automatically calculates various MS scores (EDSS, EGS, Paty, Barkhof) and diagnosis criteria (Poser, McDonald) for you.

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Share information

Use your EDMUS database locally on a single computer, or place it on a server to be shared among different users on networked computers.

Export patient data (anonymously or not) to statistical software or to another EDMUS database (export/import).

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EDMUS runs on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Getting EDMUS


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