Multilingual software

EDMUS lets you select the language to use among:

  • English,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Italian,
  • Portuguese (Brasilian),
  • Portuguese (European),
  • Spanish,
  • and soon Turkish.

All windows, panels, dialog boxes are translated, as well as the program output (Synopsis and Graphs). See here how to set the language to use.



Note: if you use a slower computer, a few "heavy" panels containing a lot of items, such as "Clinical Assessments", may be a little slow to appear on-screen, because every single item has to be translated on the fly.

Example: the Neurological Episodes panel

Here is for instance the Neurological Episodes panel in the available languages:








What is not translated (yet)?

The Thesauruses are not translated: they are used to allow EDMUS to use a standardized nomenclature. You will find them in lists of terms and in some menus. They will be translated in a future version of EDMUS (except of course for the personal items you may have added to them, since the Thesauruses can be enriched by the user).