EDMUS entry forms

Entry forms for use with the EDMUS system can be downloaded below.

You may find these forms useful as a preliminary step before entering data into your EDMUS database. Some neurologists will find it easier to fill these forms while examining the patient, rather than working on EDMUS on the computer at that time.

The forms come in various levels of detail, which you can mix and match if you wish.


The forms are PDF files: you need Adobe Reader® or Apple Preview® to view and print them. For more information on how to download, read or print PDF files, look up this page of the FAQ.

Forms Latest
of pages
Complete forms
Basic form 2004-04-07 2
Standard form 2004-04-07
Core data 2004-04-07 4
Clinical and paraclinical assessment 2008-10-31 2
Detailed form
Core data 2004-04-07 5
Clinical, paraclinical and treatment assessment 2004-04-07 7
Form parts "à la carte"
Standard form  
Clinical assessment 2003-05-26 1
Paraclinical assessment 2003-05-26 1
Treatment assessment 2003-05-26 1
Detailed form
Clinical assessment 2003-05-26 3
Paraclinical assessment 2003-05-26 2
Treatment assessment 2003-05-26 2
Other parts
Identity & Background 2003-03-31 1
Neurological episodes 2003-03-31 1
History of irreversible disability 2003-03-31 1
Differential diagnosis 2003-03-31 1
MRI 2003-03-31 1
Evoked potentials 2003-03-31 1
Cerebro-spinal fluid 2003-03-31 1
History of disease-modifying treatments 2003-03-31 1
The EDMUS Grading Scale (EGS/DSS) 2016-04-25 1