EDMUS 4 features: Sharing information


EDMUS 4 can export your patient data (anonymously or not):

  • Either to another software:
    This "Detailed Export" creates tabulated text files for use in another software (Excel®, statistical software etc.); you get to choose which categories of patient data you wish to export.
  • Or to another EDMUS 4 database:
    This "EDMUS Export" (in EDMUS format) is only to be used to export data for re-import into another EDMUS 4 database; in this case the whole patient file is transferred.
  • Or to the TYSEDMUS software (only for the French TYSEDMUS study).

The Export window


Import from another EDMUS database

EDMUS can import data exported from another EDMUS database (using the "EDMUS Export").

Important: The export/import procedure should only be used between DIFFERENT EDMUS databases. Export/import from/to the same database can lead to data corruption and is strongly discouraged, except under rare circumstances (contact us for further information).

Import from another database software

EDMUS cannot directly import data from another database software.

However, we have developed a converter tool which allows the import into EDMUS 4 of data from the iMed software. This tool is freely available. Please contact us for further information.

In addition, we can help you by designing a specific tool to import data from another database (Excel®, Access® etc.) into EDMUS.

Importing data from an earlier version of EDMUS

Of course EDMUS 4 can import datafiles from version 2 or 3 of EDMUS.